New Business Spotlight: “Rent-a-Dad” Business Comes to Stapleton

rent a dadStapleton is full of highly successful men, many of whom are the lone income provider for their families. Oftentimes, being successful means being busy. “I travel a lot,” says successful Stapleton dad Greg Saar. “And when I am not traveling, I am working late. By the time I get home, it’s dinnertime, then we have to get the kids in bed. So, I don’t get as much time with the kids as I would like.” Such is the case with many Stapleton men, and “Rent-a-Dad” saw the need for their services in Stapleton. “We don’t necessarily think that kids need a father figure,” said business co-owner Justin Trebon. “We don’t promote that a father figure or influence is something that everyone needs. We are simply offering it to those who do think it is necessary or want it.” Trebon says most of the calls are coming from dads who want to make sure there is a male influence around when they are gone. “Usually, it’s dads who call us and ask for our services,” said Trebon. “They are wanting someone around to play sports with their kids, wrestle around with them, etc., the things a dad normally does that a mom or female nanny might not do.” Rent-a-dad allows the parents to pick their “dad” and can also choose their focus. “Some parents want a dad to play baseball or football, or just any sport,” said Trebon. “Others want their kids to learn about cars, home repair, or sometimes just want to make sure their kids are learning basic mathematics and common sense.” Rent-a-Dad is also very flexible, and offers several different plans. “There may just be a day of the week that is bad,” says Trebon. “For others, maybe they have a really busy quarter of travel, and need the Rent-a-Dad to step in. We work with the family to find the best timing option and the best Rent-a-Dad.” The Rent-a-Dad’s can be young professionals who aren’t married and have more time, or college men working on their Masters. “We get all kinds of people who want to be Rent-A-Dads,” said Trebon. “We even get actual dads who have flexible schedules. They work with the families to bring their kids as well. That has worked out great.” Trebon says that the services are specifically for the kids, and they do not currently offer any services for the spouses. “We don’t allow the dads to be nagged by the moms. They are also strictly prohibited from providing other marital needs.” To learn more about Rent-a-Dad and its services, go to]]>

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