Northfield High to Have Small First Class of Five Students

Small first Class at NorthfieldThe much anticipated opening of Stapleton’s High School, Northfield High, is finally here. There have been some bumps in the road, and there will continue be a learning curve, but school administrators are excited for the upcoming year. “We are extremely excited for the year,” said Principal Avi Tropper. “We have a great group of kids, and we know their first year will be the beginning of great things here at Northfield High.” Tropper says that the Northfield High class of 2019 is currently at five students. “It is slightly smaller than we expected,” said Tropper. “But we know a lot of people are on wait and see mode. After this year, we not only expect that class to grow, but of course, the subsequent classes as well.” In fact, Tropper says that administrators expect the 2025 class to be over 400 students. “We understand how people can be hesitant at first,” said Tropper. “So, once we get things rolling and parents see how effective our plan is, and the quality of the school, we expect it to grow quickly.” The class of 2019 has even adopted a slogan: Be Bold. Be Northfield. “We originally wanted to do something along the lines of, ‘the few, the proud, etc.’ but we ran into some copyright issues,” said Tropper. Tropper says these first year students will get lots of one on one time from teachers. “They will definitely be in classes where they are the only student,” said Tropper. “So, that will enhance their learning experience, as well as give our educators another perspective. “In fact, when they are in classes of three or four, it will seem like a huge class.” Parents of the five students are anxious for the upcoming school year. “We are not worried about the school at all,” said parent Rob Lewis. “It’s more about having our son start high school. The school is going to be great.” Parent Julie McAllister has similar feelings. “I know it will be fine,” said McAllister. “I’m very happy that my daughter will be starting high school with manageable class sizes. It’s nice that the first class will be getting lots of one on one attention.” Northfield High School begins August 24th with a small, but enthusiastic class.]]>

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