Havana Town Center “Coming Very Soon”

According to Forest City president, Phil Dargossi, the town center located on Havana and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd “should be coming very soon.” Dargossi went on to say that “we always knew that a car wash would be the thing that spurred the growth. The phones aren’t ringing off the hook yet, but we definitely have people waiting to answer them.”  When asked about the development plan, Dargossi had some answers. “Well, first off, we plan to say, ‘hello, this is Forest City, how can we direct your call?’ After that, we are just going to go where the wind blows us.” When asked to be more specific, Dargossi said that the phone has rang 12 times, six of which were wrong numbers, four were his wife calling for him, one was Papa Johns confirming the address of their lunch order, and one was a potential new business in the Havana Town Center. “It is all very early right now, but a company that owns a gentlemen’s club is very interested in building out there. We think it is a great fit. Guys can go have a drink at the gentlemen’s club, then when they come home late, they can tell their spouses they were getting the car washed. It is really a match made in heaven.” It is much too early to say if and when the gentlemen’s club will be going in the Havana town center, but the town center overall, “is well on its way.”]]>

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  1. We were sold the carriage houses based on that park-funny, they left out the prairie dog part!!!! They also left out the havana town center…How do you spell “deception”!!

  2. Is the irony lost on anyone that the first “business” to go in at Eastbridge is a car wash….in a sustainable neighborhood professing to emphasize walkability?!

  3. Please do an expose on our “diversity”. This community is diverse! The other day I spotted someone who did not own an SUV.

  4. Forest City should consider putting in a scenic rest stop along the Havana corridor. I hear the views of the jail are beautiful in the evenings.

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