City Finally Gives MLK Jr. Blvd. Respect it Deserves

After several years of community petitions, MLK Jr. Blvd is finally being designated as a “rough road.” Denver’s MLK Jr. Blvd. is the final MLK Jr. Blvd to receive the distinction in an urban area, as every other major city had already designated their MLK Jr. Blvd.’s as “rough roads.” District police officer Andy Swarbrick is also happy the street is finally being recognized. “I think it is a great reminder to residents.  People forget that just because they live in a nice neighborhood, doesn’t mean that MLK Blvd. has become less dangerous.” Eastbridge residents living close to the corner of Havana and MLK are in complete agreement. “We have seen some crazy things,” says Eastbridge resident Dan Pease. “People speeding, cars and trucks manufactured before 2000, and even people smoking in their cars.” Police officers hope that the new designation will keep residents more alert when they are driving or running on MLK Jr. Blvd., although the Denver MLK Jr. Blvd. has a long ways to go to get bumped to LA’s MLK Jr. Blvd’s status of “Dangerous Road.”  “We’re simply not there yet,” says officer Swarbrick. “It’s one step at a time, and although we would love to eventually see the street receive “dangerous road” recognition, it is probably a ways off.” Although Stapleton residents are thrilled about the status change for their main road, they are already on to the next street. Many residents in North Central Park feel that the excessive speed on 35th ave. is cause for an upgrade to the road’s status. “People fly down this road,” says resident Chris Lembeck. “Yesterday, we saw someone doing 41 miles per hour. Is it going to take gun shots to get the status of this street changed?” According to officer Swarbrick, that is exactly what it will take. “Before even considering changing the status of a street to “rough road” there has to be evidence of at least 200 rounds being fired on our near the road.” At this point, it is highly unlikely 35th Ave. will have its designation changed, as it simply isn’t that close to Aurora.]]>

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  1. “Is it going to take gun shots to get the status of this street changed?””
    LOL Once you change that road to MLK, gun shots will be what you hear !
    Along with the sirens, cars that go “thump, thump, thump” and crack dealers beating their strawberries…..
    Ain’t white guilt just futile ?

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