Denver Residents Demand 96 Hour Cancelation Notice from Superintendent

school cancelationDenver has a history of questionable cancelations, and last Thursday was no different. “It really wasn’t that bad,” said resident Mike Sifers. “I don’t know if it was due to the roads, or if they thought it was too cold for the city kids to be walking to schools. But, it didn’t seem that bad to me.” Jim Closson was of a similar opinion. “I’m from Iowa, so this weather seems mild compared to that,” said Closson. “I know they don’t have a ton of plows, so I kind of get it. But, I drove around and didn’t have any troubles or see any accidents.” Superintendent Tom Boasberg took considerable heat for canceling after 6AM, when several children were already headed for their bus stops. “Not every kid lives within five minutes of their school,” says parent Michelle Graham. “So, when you cancel so late, lots of families are negatively affected.” Boasberg mentioned that they intended for the schools to be open, but realized that the roads were worse than they had thought. “We are sorry for the inconvenience it caused to families,” said Boasberg. “But honestly, it is a pretty small percentage of people that were affected. It’s not like 40 percent of students were headed to school by the time we canceled. Let’s all just take a step back and relax for a second.” Many families are requesting DPS takes additional steps to make sure a late cancelation doesn’t happen again. “Many of us are getting a petition together to request that any DPS cancelations are made 96 hours in advance,” said Jaime Potter. “That way, people can prepare child care, and discuss things with their work days in advance. Plus, it will prepare us to plan some activities for the kids, or get to Redbox before the day is canceled.” Resident Andy Shaffer understands parents frustration, but feels that kind of notice just doesn’t work. “Unless you have a huge snowstorm or an actual hurricane coming that you can track perfectly, it just doesn’t make sense,” says Shaffer. The petition will take several months to gain any momentum, so until then, Denver residents will have to be satisfied with a potential two to three our school cancelation notice. ]]>

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