Evaluating the Aftermath: Assessing the Collapse of the Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo! Group One Year Later

yahoo groupsIt has been about one year since the collapse of the Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo! group, and that collapse has forever changed the landscape of Stapleton. The once evil regime eventually was torn apart due to political discourse and what came to be known as the Stapleton Spring. It will take years to understand if what has happened to Stapleton was ultimately positive, but we are trying to understand the immediate effects of Stapleton Mom’s fall. Of course, the main group is essentially still around, but has changed leadership and is now known as “Big Tent.” The Big Tent group has seemed slightly less abrasive over the last year, but experts say there are signs it could morph back into the original regime. “Right now, there are some sleepers within the Big Tent cell who are waiting for the right moment to strike,” says behavioral science expert Greg Rudolph. “You can already see some signs of things to come where comments are either racist or over-political. The whole thing could boil over again in a year, and we could be right back where we started.” During the Stapleton Spring, another thing which occurred was the creation of new factions. Most of these factions were not as extremist, but some were not as quick to let everyone join. “The biggest byproduct of Big Tent was the Stapleton Swap Facebook page,” said Rudolph. “The page is dedicated to sales of goods only, and only for those living in Stapleton, so they are able to keep out some of the evil you could find on the old Yahoo! Moms group and sometimes on the Big Tent group.” Then, there are the angry Stapleton neighborhood groups such as the Eastbridge Town Center at Bluff Lake Retail Development group and the Conservatory Green Neighbors at Stapleton group which Rudolph calls “ticking time bombs.” “These groups could get nasty quick, as people may argue with each other in a public format, and they are probably neighbors and share mutual friends,” says Rudolph. “There have been some close calls already, and these groups haven’t been around that long.” Rudolph believes that more groups could follow, leaving tens of smaller factions. But the question remains, is having several smaller factions more dangerous than simply being able to monitor the formerly large Yahoo! group? “I’m not so sure it is better to have several different organizations,” says Rudolph. “With the Yahoo! group, it was easy to observe. Now, we need to track all of these different ones and make sure nothing is getting out of hand.” Of course, history will be the ultimate judge on whether dissolving the Yahoo! group was positive or not. And we may not know for decades. ]]>

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