The Stapletonion Celebrates 100th Issue!

100th issueThis week, the Stapletonion celebrates its 100th issue, and over four years of covering Stapleton news. No one is going to pat us on the back, so we will have to do it ourselves. Since March 2011, the Stapletonion has included close to 800 journalistic gems in the bi-monthly publication delivering groundbreaking stories to Stapletonians. We have had over 150,000 visitors with over 325,000 page views. We have 800 subscribers, and over 1,200 Facebook fans (300 more and we get a free set of steak knives, I think). People from all over the world have visited our site, whether intentionally or not. In fact, the only countries outside of Africa that have not had a visitor to our site are Greenland, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. We have a lot of people to thank for our longevity, and the readers are the most important. Thanks to all of you who continue to read our publication and share it with others. Also, thank you to all of the freelance writers who have submitted stories and ideas over the years. Your contributions are truly appreciated. We of course want to thank our advertisers, present and past. The site would never work without our great graphic designer Neil from stickflower, so a big shout out to him! Finally, a special thank you to the organizations which make the Stapletonion possible; Forest City, King Soopers, Aurorans, Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo Group, prairie dogs, and crazy Stapletonians. Keep it up, as we hope to have hundreds of more issues in the upcoming years! Thank you again for your readership, and enjoy Issue 100! ]]>

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