King Soopers to Extend Automatic Cart Lock Perimeter

automatic-cart-locks-at-soopersOver the past decade, King Soopers has taken a lot of heat from the Stapleton consumers. There have been the basic complaints over organic food choices, cramped aisle space, long confusing lines at the pump, and most recently, a mouse running around inside the deli case. What has somehow gone under the radar, however, is how shopping carts often lock up prior to getting to your vehicle. “My car will literally be parked in the lot,” says frustrated Soopers shopper Tom McDonald. “But somehow, right before I get to my cart, the wheel locks up. It’s incredibly frustrating.” Further exacerbating the issue is the locked carts littering the already busy parking lot. “I’ll be driving around looking for a place to park, and there will be several spots taken with carts,” says Allie Street. “I know some of these are functional carts left by lazy people, but I will try to be a good Samaritan and take a cart or two back many times, and of course, they have their locks on.” The carts blocking parking, and the lack of another close-by grocery store cause shoppers to spill over into the town center parking lot. “Many times I have had to park in the lot by the town center,” says Street. “Well, I know the carts won’t go all the way there, so I have to leave the cart in the Soopers lot and then make trips from the lot to my car. It is very annoying.” Stapleton Soopers manager Gary Stevens says that patrons will soon not have to worry about pre-mature cart lock-uation. “We we will be extending the perimeter of the radio frequency which automatically locks the carts,” says Stevens. “When we had it installed originally, we didn’t even have it go around the entire lot. Our bad. But now, we plan to have it extend to the street parking to the south, as well as the town center parking lot.” Stevens says it is an expensive process, but worth it for the grocer. “We have always been customer-focused,” says Stevens. “This will cost a little over $20,000, but if it is more convenient for our customers, it is worth it to us.” Stevens says the perimeter will be increased appropriately, and will be fully functional by May 1st.]]>

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