Local Swingers File Trademark Lawsuit Against Stapleton Swap Facebook Page

swingersStapleton swingers are typically a quiet, underground group, but recently have become vocal. “When we first saw the Stapleton Swap Facebook Page we kind of laughed about it,” says swinger Luke Wiley. “But once we saw they had about 2000 members, we thought enough was enough. This is who we are, and someone is taking it away from us.” Stapleton Swingers have collectively, and some anonymously, filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Stapleton Swap Facebook page. “We feel that the site they have started has muddled who we are as a group,” says Wiley. “I understand what they are trying to do, but it is not clear when they have essentially adopted our mission statement, intentionally or not.” The Swingers are not trying to shut down the site, but are hoping for a name change. “We are just hoping they reconsider their name,” says Wiley. “It is a great site, but don’t capitalize on our namesake. That’s all we are asking.” Stapleton Swap Facebook Page Administrator Sarah Bell says they are not budging on the name. “In no way were we stealing concepts from someone else,” says Bell. “If that is what they think, I feel sorry for them. Not everyone’s lives revolve around 50 Shades of Grey and sex. Most people just want to buy used baby and kid stuff from trusted sources.” Bell feels that the Stapleton Swap Facebook name is already stronger than anything the swingers have. “I think if you mention Stapleton Swap to most people in the hood, they will reference us, not swingers. The lawsuit has no merit.”]]>

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