Punch (Bowl) Me, I’m Dreaming; Hip Pub and Eatery to Renovate Tower

Attached are artist renderings of the Stapleton Airport tower redevelopment.In what will probably become the “holy shit, is that for real?” moment of 2015 for Stapletonians, Punch Bowl Social has agreed to repurpose the Stapleton Control Tower space into one of its food, drink, and entertainment venues. “We are very excited about integrating ourselves into the Stapleton community,” said Punch Bowl Social CEO Robert Thompson. “This is the beginning of a long partnership. Do we know what we are getting into? Not really. But, my assumption is that everyone in this community will welcome us with open arms and in no way will there by a loud minority that constantly bitches about us. So, I think we will be all good.” Immediate reaction from the community was positive. “I think this is great news,” said resident Dan Artz. “People can walk over from Central Park for lunch and drinks, enjoy the view, be outdoors. This is extremely exciting.” Kristi Bauers agrees. “It is always great when you bring energy into a community,” says Bauers. “I think this will be a family friendly place during the days and early evenings, and then at nights, will be a fun place to hang out with friends.” Punch Bowl plans to open next spring. The challenge for the developers is to figure out how to make that happen. “There is a lot of renovating that needs to be done,” says architect Becky Stone. “Most people don’t realize what a complete dump that place is. There is so much to overhaul. And honestly, I’m not sure the current funds are enough.” CEO Thompson understands more money may be needed. “Right now we are estimating the project at about $6 million, which will be paid for by us and Forest City. It could take another $6 million, and we are looking to see if there is any tax money available to us. There should be. I mean, this is an historic tower, named after a racist mayor.” Regardless of when Punch Bowl opens, the project will be a long-term win for the community. The venue will bring jobs and energy into a community as well as saving the Stapleton landmark from simply becoming a place where teens and pre-teens go to make out. By the time Central Park Station opens, single 30 year old men will be packing the downtown train to head to Stapleton to hit on the hot, 40 year old divorced moms. With the Central Park Rail Station and Punch Bowl Social, Stapleton will become more of a destination than a forbidden bubble.]]>

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