Stapleton Men Organize “March Vasectomy Madness”

vasectomy articleA group of Stapleton men decided enough was enough when it came to producing offspring, so decided it was time to “get snipped” so to speak. “Most of us knew we were done for a while, but decided to make it official,” says Stapleton resident and father of three Keith Ott. “I was talking to a neighbor friend about it who said they were planning it, and we each knew a couple other guys in the hood who were going to get it done. So we thought, hey, they have baby showers. Let’s have our own little snipping shower. And what better time of year than the first weekend of March Madness.” The six men coordinated having their procedures on Wednesday, March 18th, the day before the NCAA tournament begins. “We plan to rotate houses each day for the four days, and just sit around icing our, well, you know, and drinking, and eating poorly,” says Ott. “Everyone in the group has at least two kids, so I think we all deserve it. It should be a really fun time, provided the pain isn’t too bad.” Ott says that the party is invitation only, “but if you are also getting snipped this week, reach out to me, and we would love to have you.” Doctors who perform vasectomies say that March Madness is typically the most popular time for the procedure. “Most men figure if they have to sit around the house all weekend, they might as well enjoy some great sports,” says Dr. Joe Noren who commonly handles the procedure. “The Masters is also a popular time. Weather is not always perfect to actually golf, but you can sit there and watch it just fine.” Ott says no one is nervous about having the procedure. “I’m significantly more nervous about how I am going to do in my bracket. That is way more stressful. I don’t feel like less of a man for getting snipped, but I will feel like less of a man if I have the worst basketball knowledge.” ]]>

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