Iranian Treaty Causes Soopers, Forest City to Fold on Eastbridge Town Center Gas Station

Iran US agreementAlthough in its early stages, there has been much talk and debate over whether a nuclear agreement with Iran is a good thing or a bad thing, and if we should be working with them at all. It will take years before we will understand if any agreement ends up being positive or negative for the US. What we do know is that if the US and its allies remove sanctions from Iran, the US will have direct access to Iranian oil, which more than likely will drive oil and gas prices down. “We have to look at things pragmatically,” said Forest City President Phil Dargossi. “If this treaty of sorts goes through, well, gas stations won’t be as profitable as they have been previously. King Soopers also recognizes this, and they have come to the table and essentially agreed to no longer pursue a station in that store location.” King Soopers spokesperson Adam Mason agreed with Dargossi’s assessment. “We have run the numbers based on what gas prices could look like, the margin on gas, and the expected traffic,” said Mason. “In the end, it simply ends up not being profitable enough for us. Understand that none of this is about health concerns, community needs, or anything else. It’s about how much money we can make. And if it doesn’t work well for us financially, we’re not going to do it. So, I guess you’re welcome, Eastbridge.” Residents are pleased with the news, but are still hoping for more from the planned town center. “It’s great that there won’t be a gas station,” says Jon Dunlay. “But, there are still design issues with the Soopers building that could be addressed.” Resident Michael Wiley is delighted there will no longer be a gas station, but is concerned with the political ramifications. “I am happy gas will be cheap, and that there won’t be a gas station in Eastbridge,” Says Wiley. “However, I am not sure working with the Iranians is necessarily a good thing. Can they be trusted, or will they lie to us like another evil empire we all know, Forest City? It’s hard to tell.” Nothing is in writing or finite at this point regarding the gas station, so Forest City and King Soopers informed The Stapletonion they reserve the right to change their minds at any time, and as often as they like. ]]>

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