Westerly Creek Introduces “Kiss a Mom” to Compete with Swigert's “Touch-a-Truck”

Kiss a mom contestLast Saturday, Westerly Creek finally held it’s long-awaited, yet controversial fundraising event, “Kiss-a-Mom.” The event was the first of its kind in Stapleton, and according to many male attendees, hopefully not the last. “I think all of the Stapleton schools should do an event like this,” said Stapleton dad Greg Addison. “As a Stapleton resident, I don’t think it matters where your kids attend school, we should be supporting all of the schools, regardless of your specific allegiance.” Event attendee Mike Street agrees. “It was such a fun event,” said Street. “Raised a lot of money, and all in good fun.” In fact, Street says he was only disappointed in one thing. “I was really hoping to kiss Holly Beatty. But, it was a really long line, and by the time I got up there, her shift was over. Oh well. Next year.” By dollar standards, the event was a huge success. “We raised over $45,000,” said Westerly Creek PTA President Sarah Clark. “In fact, we had to move the event from the school to the Invesco Field parking lot because we had sold so many tickets. We think we can even do more with the event next year. If people are willing to pay that much and attend for a kiss, what if they got to Touch-a-Butt? One step at a time, but I am proud of this event, which in the end, is all about the kids.” Event goers purchased a $20 ticket to attend the event, and then had to purchase tickets to pay for kisses from different Westerly Creek moms. Many of the moms hammed it up by wearing risqué outfits, or what they call “Tuesdays”, but nonetheless, everyone had a good time, including the kissers. “It was really flattering seeing the long lines just to come get a peck on the cheek or mouth,” said one of the Westerly Creek kissers, Caitlyn Reynolds. “We all got breaks, and plenty of water and mouthwash.” There were about 15 hot Westerly Creek moms on hand to rotate through the lines, but next year, Clark says she expects to have more. “The event went so well, there will most certainly be more people here next year,” says Clark. “So, we need to mitigate those ling lines by getting more hot moms involved to keep the customers happy.” Clark says the idea was originally a joke when PTA members were discussing what they could do to compete with Swigert’s heralded “Touch-a-Truck” event. “It is such a great event,” said Clark. “We needed to have our own version of that. We struggled for several years to find our own ‘big thing’, but now I think we have it.” Indeed they do, and this writer for one is excited the direction it is headed. ]]>

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