America’s Wealthy Elite Buying Stapleton “Summer Homes”

wealthy people buying places in StapletonStapleton property values continue to rise, as do the property values all across Denver. The continued rise of these property values has triggered America’s wealthy to begin buying up Stapleton homes, according to analyst Tom Baltus. “The United States’ most wealthy people are very acute at understanding the importance of real estate,” says Baltus. “When they see property values go up, especially in the United States, they pay attention. And in many cases, they jump on the train, worrying they will be left behind.” According to Baltus, many of the wealthy who are buying in Stapleton plan to use their Stapleton property as a summer home. “For many of the buyers, it’s not as exotic as they expected when they bought their property sight unseen,” says Baltus. “But, they feel they will have use for the location.” Recent buyer Claude Gates III says he is excited about the possibilities of his recent purchase. “I travel in the summer a lot for pleasure,” said Gates. “This will be a perfect place for the nannies and the kids this summer. Lots of pools and parks, and plenty of friends we can buy for the kids, at least for the summer.” Buyer Trip Kesterson agrees. “This will be the perfect place for my family to stay for a few weeks while I am gone abroad on business. The area is adorable, and my family will soon love it as much as our other 10 homes.” Baltus says Stapleton property may continue to get gobbled up by the uber-rich. “The very wealthy have a big time ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ mentality,” says Baltus. “Once a few key families are involved. everyone wants to get involved.” Baltus says these recent purchases will only help Stapleton property values. “The more wealthy people that come into Stapleton, the higher property values will go. Now, I don’t think it helps the chances of the community ever living up to its socio-economic diversity goals, but they were probably never going to do that anyway.”]]>

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