Update: Stapleton Soopers out of Everything

soopers grocery shelves emptyMay 4, 2015: Once again, the Stapleton King Soopers is out of everything. Sure, there are some random items remaining, but the stuff people actually come for and need, are completely gone. “How is it that on a Monday, shelves are empty and they are fighting to restock things,” says Stapleton resident and disgruntled Soopers shopper Heidi Lima. “Not that we all need another reason to hate King Soopers or not want another one in our neighborhood, but who is running the real time inventory management system? That guy needs to be fired.” Amanda Weber agrees. “It’s not like there have been huge snow storms which would impact shipping and people overbuying,” said Weber. “It’s like they have put no effort into understanding the buying patterns of their customers and stocking appropriately.” Tom Williams is equally frustrated. “ I come in once a week,” says Williams. “I literally needed five things, and they were out of all of them. Sadly, that has happened to me multiple times.” Stapleton Soopers manager Gary Stevens says most grocery stores go through these kinds of growing pains. “We’ve only been here for over a decade,” says Stevens. “So, it is hard to get a complete understanding of what our customers are looking for. We continue to monitor it and talk to some of them, but as far as using technology to understand it, we really haven’t gotten into those high-tech gizmos.” Stevens says they plan to be fully stocked by the end of the week, but customers will more than likely experience empty shelves in the coming months. “Every year we go through this with major US holidays,” says Stevens. “And every year we say we are going to make a change. But, the truth is, our shelves will be empty around Memorial Day and the Fourth of July in the next two months. What are you going to do?” ]]>

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