Eastbridge Resident Changes Mind on Soopers After Needing Stick of Butter at 8PM

eastbridge resident change of heart on soopersEastbridge resident Keith Beatty has long been on the side of those who do not want another King Soopers in the Eastbridge Town Center. He has put signs in his yard, attended meetings, and joined Facebook groups opposing the potential move of King Soopers to the Eastbridge neighborhood. “I have been hoping for an alternative to a major chain grocer,” said Beatty. “I feel like there are several other local-type grocers or Whole Foods-types which would be supported in that location. But, for whatever reason, nothing has gained traction. It has been pretty frustrating.” Last Friday evening, Beatty finally had a change of heart in regards to Soopers moving into Stapleton. “We decided to make cookies with the kids,” says Beatty. “Of course, we realized we were a stick of butter short. We typically text everyone on the block, but no one had anything. So, I had to drive all the way up to the Quebec Soopers. What a pain in the ass. I mean, when I moved here almost a decade ago, my builder told me a grocer would be moving in within a couple of years. So, I should be riding my bike two blocks instead of annoying my neighbors then taking a 20 minute round trip for a goddam stick of butter. So, yeah, maybe I have changed my mind.” Beatty says at this point, he wants the Soopers to just get built. “Mercy. I call mercy. You win Soopers and Forest City. Give me a grocery store and a coffee shop within easy walking distance. Will I still hate you? Yes. But, I still need you.” Beatty says the stick of butter incident is only one of over 100 in the last five years. “There is always something we want or need after 7PM,” said Beatty. “So, I am the one stuck jumping back in a car to go get some random item just so we can enjoy our dinner or evening. I think I would be about 25% less grumpy if I didn’t have to go get that crap in the middle of the evening. So, yeah, build that crap grocery store so I have less annoying trips to the other crap grocery store farther away.” ]]>

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