Forest City Begins Leasing 26th Ave Park Area to Denver Waste Management

dump-on-26thThe 26th Ave. Park remains unfinished, so Forest City decided to partner with Denver Waste Management for temporary use of the area. “We have been in discussions with Denver Waste Management for about six months now,” said Forest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “We feel this will be a strong relationship for both parties, and we look forward to working with Denver Waste management in the coming years.” Forest City has essentially decided to allow the 26th Ave. Park area to be used as a temporary overload dumping site. “We are always struggling to find holding sites for our overload,” said Waste Management CEO David Steiner. “The location and area is perfect for us,” said Steiner. “We can drop 10 to 15 truckloads there at the site, and come back later to pick up what we dropped. It is a perfect scenario on our end.” Ayers says there aren’t any foreseeable drawbacks to the situation. “The people in that area of Eastbridge are currently looking at Aurora. Now, there will be giant piles of trash. What’s the difference, really?” To 26th Ave. and Eastbridge residents, the difference is massive. “It’s one thing to have an empty weed and rodent-ridden park behind you,” says 26th Ave. resident Jennifer Retzlaff. “But another thing to have a huge trash pile behind your house. I am sure I am missing something, but this seems to be the stupidest thing Forest City has done so far.” Eastbridge resident Bo Clark agrees. “This is unreal,” says Clark. “Can they do this? I am shocked that somehow this made it through the channels to be legal in some way. SUN or the MCA can’t step in? Wow. Just, wow.” Ayers says in the end this is a win for the community. “We are leasing the space out at a considerable profit. We are hoping to use this money to eventually finish the park we promised a decade ago. Of course, there is always a chance those funds could get shifted, but right now, we are earmarking those funds for the 26th Ave. Park completion.” Ayers says the current agreement with Waste Management is for eight years. The park has been a dump for a decade, why not make it official for another eight. ]]>

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