Final Stapleton Mom Begins Selling Something

final stapleton mom selling somethingAlmost every female Stapleton resident has been to a purchase party of some sort, be it jewelry, oils, Arbonne, weight loss products, skin care, etc. Many of these ladies decided to jump on the bandwagon, and soon hundreds of area women were selling something. For many of them, it was an effort to get out of the corporate world, for others a social outlet, and for some they truly believed in the quality of their product. “I lost a lot of weight, and feel great,” said local mom Kristin Roberts. I’m extremely happy I have gotten other people involved with it as well.” In fact, so many women were selling something, only Danielle Shelton had not joined the party, so to speak. “I just felt like I wouldn’t be a good salesman,” said Shelton. “But, after using the skin products, and seeing how well they worked, I knew I should let other friends know about them. For me, it is not really a sales pitch, but an education.” Shelton, a stay at home mom, says she is glad she joined the sales force. “For me, it is more about helping people than it is about the money. Plus, I really enjoy getting together with people and talking about it.” For more information on what Shelton is selling, simply wait for her email about her upcoming party or run into her at the pool. ]]>

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