On the Green: Concerts, Movies, Festivals to No Longer be “Open to the Public”

green to go privateIn a long awaited move, the MCA has finally decided to limit events held on the Stapleton Green to only those who live in Stapleton or are closely related to Stapleton residents. “We realized we have a large enough population in Stapleton at this point that we don’t need outsiders at the events,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “Every year we get more complaints about people coming to our free events. Complaints range from the outsiders smoking to things as simple as them not looking like Stapletonians. We actually thought about having a dress code, where we would simply say, ‘dress Stapletonian,’ but decided it is probably easier just to require people to be from here.” Residents seem to be pleased with the new edict. “Finally,” exclaimed resident John Bauer. “We pay big taxes, MCA fees, have these expensive homes, all so that any random citizen can come here and enjoy our handouts. Instead of having to worry about what strange person might end up camping out next to you, now you will know it is just another great Stapleton resident like yourself.” Julie Gaies agrees. “Recently, there have been so many non-Stapletonians, that I think it drives Stapletonians from the events,” said Gaies. “I think now that we all know it will only be us at the events, more residents are likely to come out and take advantage of these great events the MCA puts on.” Although most Stapletonians are excited about this change, some are not. “The original vision of this community was that it would be inclusive, not exclusive,” said resident Joel Fitzpatrick. “It is not a good message to the rest of Denver, and certainly not a good message to our kids.” Kristina Meyers also sees downfalls with the concept. “This is just not a good move on the part of our community,” says Meyers. “It sends a negative message about who we are and continues to perpetuate peoples’ negative attitudes about us. I hope they change their mind.” Kampstra says close family members (moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, first cousins, siblings, kids, etc.) will be allowed in to the events provided they are accompanied by the Stapleton resident. Each Stapleton resident will also receive 10 “buddy passes” that can be used for non-Stapleton residents. “So, we are not totally exclusive,” said Kmapstra. Yet. ]]>

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