Eastbridge Residents “Totally Fine” With Soopers After Evergreen Signs Hip Restauranteur

signing of hip restauranteurMany residents in Eastbridge as well as the rest of Stapleton have fought tirelessly to keep King Soopers out of Eastbridge. They have united in their fight to get a natural grocer, or in many cases, anything except a King Soopers. Complaints have ranged from the lack of organic food choices, to the poor service at Soopers, and even the proposed design of the planned structure. However, many of these complaints were quieted and even reversed in the last two weeks after Evergreen announced it had inked two Troy Guard restaurants, owner of Tag, Guard & Grace, and Bubu. “After really looking into some things, I don’t think a Soopers there will be all bad,” said recent flip-flopper Adam Miller. “It’s not about the restaurants at all. Sure it will be nice to be able to walk over to a couple of really cool restaurants, or have friends see Stapleton as a dinner destination. I mean, that’s nice, but I’m not a sellout. It’s about Soopers listening to the community, which it seems they are doing.” Former Soopers opponent Kate Penningroth agrees. “I don’t know why it is taking so long for them to build that thing,” says Penningroth. “I mean, start digging already. In fact, many of us are interested in helping out if they need some extra free hands to help move along the construction process.” Although the restaurants have not been finalized, Guard is planning to have a Mexican restaurant as well as his first breakfast-focused eatery. “Sure, pretty soon there will be a light rail to take people to the downtown experience,” says resident Ron Shelton. “But, why not have people take that rail east to the bubble to enjoy a Stapleton dining experience. Why can’t Stapleton be as cool as downtown, but with kids instead of the homeless?” Many Stapleton residents seem to be ready to put aside their differences with Soopers and get moving with the town center. “I’m not saying I’m going to kiss and make up,” says Miller. But, maybe I’ll forgive and forget.” Now, if Evergreen signs a liquor store and a coffee shop, there will thousands of Stapleton workers prepared to start digging.]]>

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