Evergreen Puts Cart Before Horse with Big Success

Evergreen successEvergreen Development grew tired of waiting for King Soopers and the Stapleton community to iron out their issues. So, they took it upon themselves to get the project moving forward. “We knew Forest City has been saying, ‘the project won’t move forward until we have the grocer,’” said Evergreen developer Mark Mullenix. “So, we were in a bad spot playing the waiting game. But then we thought, maybe if we can create an ideal situation in the rest of the town center, we can make people forget about how shitty Soopers is.” Mullenix and the Evergreen staff spoke with thousands of Stapleton residents to get ideas for what residents were looking for, and as of now it appears they absolutely nailed it. The development company landed two Troy Guard restaurants including a Los Chingones and a breakfast eatery. Furthermore, the Eastbridge Town Center is expected to have a coffee shop, a sandwich place, and Asian restaurant, and boutique retailers. “I think Evergreen did some really solid research,” says Eastbridge resident Chris Murphy. “I mean, that pretty much covers everything I am looking for. Are they mind readers? Well, either way, I have become significantly more excited about this project.” Nicole Tims shares the enthusiasm. “I was concerned it was going to be a bunch of chain restaurants,” says Tims. “I figured we would get an Applebee’s and then some cheesy coffee shop. But, it appears they are trying to make it fun after all.” Mullenix says Evergreen saw it necessary to make the push to get Soopers over the hump. “I mean, it was going in,” says Mullenix. “Nothing was stopping it. But, people wanted to continue to delay the process, in part because they were concerned about what was going to go in around it. Was it going to be chainy, cheap looking stores? I think that is the impression people got. But, when they saw what we were up to, they realized Soopers coming in could be a good thing.” Mullenix says they know they have a long ways to go in this process but are glad they are receiving positive feedback so far. “One of our other projects for the area is to not just create a fountain, but create a fountain of youth. We are a ways away, but we know it is something the residents of Stapleton will really appreciate.” ]]>

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