Experts Called in to Study Outsiders

aliens among usJust over a month ago, the Front Porch included an article which shocked many Stapletonians. The article pointed out that there are societies outside of Stapleton. Essentially, we are not alone. There is life outside of Stapleton. Not only has this surprised Stapleton residents, it has been scary for most. “I have seen people driving in our neighborhood that did not look like our people, but I wasn’t quite sure,” said resident Kristi Richardson. “Now I know. We have aliens among us.” Not only do these “aliens” sometimes come into or through Stapleton, there apparently are whole other worlds outside of the 80238 Zip Code. The MCA and SUN have tried to start some educational programs regarding these other societies, but have not had a lot of success working with the residents. “I think there is just a lot of confusion regarding who they are, and what they are doing here,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “People don’t consider us the experts, so we had to find an organization they would trust. So, we got in touch with some folks from NASA, and they understand our situation, and have agreed to come work with and educate our community on these outsiders.” The person in charge of NASA’s education program, Keith Hodan, says things have gone a little slow so far. “The people here have been receptive, but Stapletonian culture can be a bit brash, and often full of know-it-alls,” said Hodan. “So, during the programs, there is often interruption or loud negative comments prior to us finishing a sentence which may explain something better to them. We are making slow progress, however.” Hodan says the main focus of the program is to explain to Stapletonians that these other peoples, for the most part, aren’t here to hurt them. “We want the residents here to know that there is a lot they can learn from these other civilizations, and they should talk to these other people, and even explore their worlds,” said Hodan. Resident Jim Nielson remains skeptical. “I’m not saying other societies don’t exist,” says Nielson. “I’m just saying I’m not ready to go exploring outside of Stapleton. We have everything we need right here, so I don’t think running around an alien culture is a great idea at this time.” President Kampstra says residents are encouraged to explore outside of Stapleton, but should use caution. “As long as you always know how to get back to Stapleton, you should be okay.” ]]>

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