Havana St: Not Just a Through Street Anymore

havana stHavana Street in the Eastbridge borough of Stapleton has had a long, interesting history. It’s home to the wide random bike lanes which took two months to paint, the sign reminding outsiders they can’t take it to Aurora, and of course, people incessantly coming back down it the wrong way after not reading the sign. Farther down the road, there has been several construction projects including detours, as well as beautiful views of the Denver jail. But now, residents have a new complaint. They were actually here BEFORE Havana was a through street. “Now that Havana actually does go through, people go flying through,” said Havana St. resident Amy Mason. “They come off the highway, and apparently forget people do live here, and have for some time.” Other Havana St. residents agree. “It’s not everyone,” says Jamie Hansen. “Some people are courteous, and actually see the houses and recognize it as a residential area. However, some people are going through at 45 mph or more. It’s pretty ridiculous.” Although residents don’t necessarily want the outsiders to drive uncomfortably slow, they want them to drive the posted speed limit. “I guess they should drive somewhere below running over my kids, and faster than me suspecting they are coming to take my kids,” said Hansen. Residents are working together to figure out what they can do to slow the traffic. There are the usual polls and Facebook pages, but residents want to re-post a sign at the Havana MLK intersection before people enter into the quaint residential neighborhood. “We just want people to remember that it is a residential area,” says Mason. “And people always ignore those, ‘drive like your kids live here’ signs. So, we are working with the community, Forest City, and the City and County of Denver to get an agreement on a sign we can post.” Currently, the leader is Havana: Not Just a Through Street Anymore, but the organization is looking for more suggestions. Please send suggestions to Stapletonion@gmail.com, or post to the Stapletonion Facebook page.]]>

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