Zillow Estimates Have Stapletonians Believing They’ll Have Money in Twenty Years

zillow home estimatesHome prices all over Denver have been rising, and Stapleton has continued to become the community in which people want to live. Many things have contributed to this, including the strong public schools, unique homes, the soon to be light rail, and all of the trendy shops and restaurants that are currently here and ones coming soon. For most residents, the increased home value doesn’t mean a lot, as they don’t plan to move anyway. “I guess it is fun to talk about,” says Stapleton resident Kevin Cisler. “But, we aren’t planning to move, so all it really does is raise our property taxes and I suppose in some circles, people will hold us in higher esteem.” Some residents did benefit by selling their home in an established Stapleton community and moving into a newer, bigger home in the Conservatory Green neighborhood. But, that opportunity has come and gone. Now Stapleton homeowners could sell their homes, but would have to pay another high price to stay in Stapleton, which is what most residents want to do. So, residents will ride out the time in their home until their kids go off to college, and will evaluate whether or not they still need to be in Stapleton. “Once the kids are in college, I am pretty sure we will move out of the neighborhood,” said resident Steve Shoemaker. “Hopefully, the home prices here continue to increase or at least stay where they are at right now. Then we can maybe get a small condo downtown and live the good life.” Some residents, like Laura Shelton, already count that money as part of their retirement. “We had to really stretch things to move here,” says Shelton. “So, we don’t have a lot of savings. So, knowing that our home value is up $120,000, I feel like we at least have that. I assume this is not another real estate bubble, right?” Other residents feel the same way. “No matter how poor we actually are, I feel like we have $100,000 in the bank,” said Adam Porche. “So, at least there is that.” Experts believe Stapleton will continue to be a neighborhood where people want to live, and home values will continue to rise. “Nothing suggests Stapleton values will take a drastic downturn,” said Denver real estate expert Sam Herold. “So, once residents pay off their homes and decide to sell in twenty years, yeah, ones that leave may have a few extra bucks in their pockets.” ]]>

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