Casey Anthony Wins HGTV Green Home

Stapleton Mom’s gives Anthony her endorsement. Stapleton Mom’s leader Betsy Winga is not giving a timeframe of when that will be. “We are not going to get into specifics of her past, but at this time we are not ready to throw our support behind her. Her lawyer has filled out the appropriate paperwork, but at this time she is just not a good fit for the Stapleton Mom’s image.” Anthony’s lawyer, Brian Saxman, says Anthony will definitely be making a move to Denver within the next year. “She has checked out the local club scene in the city and even made sure it was okay to dance at the Berkshire. Everything has checked out, so a move is inevitable. Neighbors around the HGTV Home are less than thrilled. “Her past is her business,” said resident Chris Ortner. “But the media attention, traffic, cameras, and all that is going to get annoying.” Media outlets have already been swarming the house simply to get photos of the future home of Anthony. Saxman and Anthony have already agreed to an interview with the normally hard-hitting Front Porch newspaper in Stapleton, provided the questions are only about the HGTV Home and her relationship to the home. Backlash from the community has already began as signs such as “Go Back to Aurora” have had to be removed from the premises. It is much too early to say if Anthony will ever live a peaceful life in Stapleton, but if there is one place in the world she can eventually become anonymous, it is not here.]]>

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