Forrest City: “New Jail Offers Town-Center Like Amenities”

It’s true the new jail will be offering lots of new things such as a jewelry store, music store, candy/flower shop, paperback book store with magazines (non-pornographic only), and many other new options for prisoners to purchase. What is not clear yet is if this fantastic tax-payer owned facility will be open to the public, or just to those who have committed crimes against the public.  “We are working diligently with the sheriff of Denver County as well as the new Mayor to make these amenities accessible to Stapleton residents,” says Dargossi.  “What they are doing is just too good to keep for only those behind bars.” Some prisoners do not want to share the new facility with the public. “Man, some of us have been waiting for this thing for years,” says Denver County Jail resident Fred Lima. “We earned our time in this place, and now some outsiders gonna be able to walk up in this place and take all the good stuff?  Nah, man.  That ain’t cool.” Forrest City and Denver County officials are looking into some ideas along with other interested parties serving on a board which includes prisoners that were nominated by their peers. One option that is currently on the table is to have two sets of pricing, one for prisoners and guards, and then one for those on the outside. Forrest City believes an agreement should be reached by the end of the year. Northfield Mall spokesperson Dylan Beffel declined to be interviewed, but did give the statement, “the last thing we need is for Stapleton residents to have one more excuse to not come out here.”  True dat, Dylan, true dat.]]>

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