Run Benefits Big-Hearted, Small Chested Woman

With all the negative news in the world lately, we want to share with you a bit of good news from this generous community in which we live. Recently, a fellow community member was gifted the tools to make her life complete due to a caring community. Here is how this incredible story unfolds. Carrie Hanson was always described as a sweet woman with a positive disposition. She was very physically fit as well but underprivileged in the upper body portion of her physique. You know-the portion that women cherish the most. For those of you that still aren’t following, we mean her boobs. Her friends and neighbors suddenly noticed that she began dropping out of her group fitness programs and ceased to hang out at the pool in the summer.  She was gradually slipping into a deep depression and acting utterly deflated. Her close friend Erin Axtel reflected, “It’s just wrong that someone should have to live like that when all of her friends are fortunate enough to have the means to afford their beauty.” That’s when they decided to start a fundraiser to raise money for breast implants for Carrie. “Carrie is a proud person and just not someone to ask for help in her time of need,” said neighbor Katie Lunstad. “She always puts others’ needs before her own needs.” Carrie’s husband, Phil, recalls her approving necessities for himself and their children like Wii, new ski gear, and a brand new custom road bike for Phil. “When it came down to it, we just never could afford the things that Carrie needed,” says Phil. The neighbors then organized the first annual 5k Stapleton Fun Bag Run on Carrie’s behalf. Not only did Stapleton community members attend in droves but they also donated large sums of money. Kelly Ames recalls a lot of the neighborhood males literally emptying their pockets for this cause.  She said, “It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about the love and generosity that was present on that selfless morning. Usually the women are the humanitarians in most situations but not in this case!” One neighbor, Kevin Day, donated all the money that he had been saving to buy some new power binoculars for his “bird watching” hobby. Kevin reflected, “Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices and this seemed like a worthy cause.” Now you can see Carrie at the neighborhood pools wearing a bikini – just like all the other moms! Erin Axtel recently reported, “She has a new outlook on life and is finally happy. She and her family can now live the lives they so deserve.”  The 5K Fun Bag Run will occur annually and the proceeds will be donated to one lucky woman in need each year. The Stapetonion will be heavily involved in this cause, and will be responsible for receiving the nominees.]]>

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