Stapleton Dad’s Expands to Include Residents with Balls

The recent direct mail campaign from Stapleton Dads did add some members, but overall did not have the impact Stapleton Dad’s President Steve Walker was hoping for. “We really thought the direct mail campaign would bring in a few hundred new members,” said Walker. “But we are just not getting the momentum we were hoping for. We had two directions we could go:  more aggressive advertising, or lower the common denominator for our members.  We decided to go with the latter.” Walker knows that television commercials and radio spots can be very costly, and not targeted enough for the Stapleton Dads.  “The cost per member added just doesn’t work out,” says Walker. “I mean, we don’t want to become AOL.” Walker along with the other Stapleton Dads members decided to go another direction. Most groups or clubs can be very restrictive in whom they admit. Typically, these groups share common interests such as running, boating, chess, equestrian, wine, golf, and so on. Walker and the other members did not want to constrict membership more than they already have, so they decided to open it up. In the past, you could only get into Stapleton Dads if you had proof that you had a child and lived in Stapleton. At face value, this seems like a fairly low common denominator, however it seemed to slow the growth of the organization. The members put their heads together and decided to go one notch lower. “We looked at several different qualifiers,” said Walker. “We feel what we came up with will be our strongest attempt at expansion yet.” The members eventually agreed that expansion would rest on allowing new members, dad or not, provided they had proof that they had balls. “We have not decided on the proof portion, but we’ll eventually agree on something,” says Walker. If the new push does not help, Walker says the group is willing to potentially branch out to include all Americans.]]>

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