Stapleton Mom's Yahoo Group Boycotts Yahoo

In an unprecedented show of force, Stapleton Moms has boycotted Yahoo. “It is a travesty for Yahoo to do what they are doing,” stated a bitter Stapleton Mom, Susan Dyke. Our investigative reporters have yet to determine why the Moms are boycotting Yahoo, except it looks as though it is “the thing to do.” “We have boycotted several restaurants due to late food delivery, animal clinics who hurt our dogs when providing rabies shots and grocery stores when lines are long. This (boycotting Yahoo) is the natural progression,” stated Susan.
Until the issue is resolved, Stapleton Moms have been advised to use Google to get their questions answered. Instead of posting a question, such as ‘what is the the weather like today,’ Stapleton Moms will just have to cut down the time it takes to get an answer and Google Denver weather. The sacrifice is worth it to Susan. “I know it seems like a lot to do, but this is what happens when we are in a battle.”]]>

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