Strong Mooovement for Cows in Stapleton

We now have chickens on every block in Stapleton, laying eggs and providing delicious nutrition, reducing the carbon footprint of egg purchases, and providing hours of entertainment for the kids and especially dogs and cats. Recently a flock of Stapleton chicken owners has proposed that the MCA and the City of Denver allow residents of Stapleton to keep their own dairy cows. The slogan for this effort is “A Cow in Every Garage”. Cow owners would keep their cows in their garages overnight, and let them graze on the lawn during the day. Our garages are too small for cars anyway, but a cow easily fits. Regal Crown Dairy would deliver hay should the grass run short, and during the winter, of course. The composting program would take care of the cow droppings. The cows would of course qualify as free yard raised and provide hormone free fresh milk. Other products that people may not be aware come from cows include butter, string cheese and ice cream. One cow can easily meet one family’s dairy needs, and the leftovers could benefit the less fortunate neighbors without cows. Cows are easy to care for, and get along well with chickens, kids, and dogs. There are other benefits to A Cow in Every Garage. Moving dairy production to the garage would reduce trips to the royal grocery store, lessening the carbon footprint of dairy consumption. Children would be the primary milkers. They would gain a strong work ethic, strong arms, and greater self esteem from knowing that they help feed the family. For additional information on this re-zoning effort, a new website will be up shortly at]]>

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