Havana St. to Undergo Construction…Again

Havana Exit ClosedIt was recently announced that the Havana St. exit off of I-70 would undergo construction beginning this week and would not reopen until late this January. Crews will be working to demolish and repair a bridge. The announcement didn’t surprise any Stapleton residents. “You mean, it wasn’t already under construction?” asked resident Adam Hanlon. “That street is always having slows and closures, and if that’s not going on, you get stuck by the train.” Zach Crowley has had a similar experience with Havana. “Whenever I go down there, there seems to be something going on with the lights, or the roads, or the exits. It’s always a mess.” What’s not yet known is the traffic effect the construction will have on residential Stapleton. “It may end up being good,” said resident Joel Murphy. “I live on Havana, so I wouldn’t mind a little less traffic speeding through to Aurora.” Fulton residents were less excited about the temporary closure. “We already have people using our street as a raceway to Aurora,” said Fulton St. resident Laura Strassburg. “Now, there’s a chance that may double? Not excited about that at all.” It’s too early to know how much the closure will affect outsiders traffic patterns, but Eastbridge residents need to remember to get over and take that Central Park exit or Quebec exit, or you’re going to be super pissed when you get to Havana. ]]>

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