Local Dad to Retire Board Shorts

board shortsWhen the neighborhood pools close Labor Day weekend, so will a great chapter in a man’s life. Local dad Liam Gregory announced yesterday via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Periscope simultaneously that he will be hanging up the Hurley board shorts and white trucker hat for good. After years standing in knee deep water, pretending to watch his kids, it seems that the time has come to actually interact with his children (Colton and Brody). As with any retirement, the question of a potential comeback has already been asked, to which Gregory replied he “would never rule anything out”, but that he plans to be seen at the pool next summer “clad in solid-color swim trunks like the older dads, with a Coors Light in hand” (as opposed to his traditional retro-chique PBR). “Besides,” he continues, “my tribal arm band tattoo will always remind me of what once was.” It is unclear if other fathers will follow suit. Roger Becker of Central Park North has considered ditching the trucker hat, but is unwilling to give up the board shorts. Becker says, “the people at Jet Stream know me, this change could be too drastic, the look is who I am”. Most Stapleton men admit, their wife picked out the look years ago and it kind of “stuck with them”. Meanwhile, the kids are growing up fast, and the look is dated. In the end, Stapleton dad’s will have some big decisions to make over the winter. Most will be testing their new look during the winter at the Rec-Center indoor pool. Of course, a lot can change during the off season. What next summer brings, only time will tell. You never know when a man will get board of his shorts. ]]>

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