Lorax Speaks Out Against Disappearance of Trees in Stapleton Pocket Park

disappearing treesOver the last month, trees located in the F-15 pocket park have begun disappearing. All that remains is their root system, or a crater of where the tree used to be. It has become a source of urban legend to local residents. “I don’t think we have received an explanation,” said resident Mike Dreesman. “But the trees are slowly disappearing. And I have never seen anyone or anything coming in here to remove them. I would think that would be a pretty big operation, but I haven’t seen anything.” Resident Michelle Fox feels the same way. “Where are they going and who is taking them?” asked Fox. “And why are they taking them? It was nice having that little bit of shade, so, I really miss them. Now there are only a couple of places left to tie your dog while you run around with the kids. Pretty frustrating.” Many residents believe the disappearing trees are just a sign of the times. “I feel like everything is in danger of being stolen in Stapleton,” said resident Jason Fisher. “First they steal things from our garages, then our homes, now our parks. Nothings is sacred.” Some people believe outsiders are sneaking in to get any piece of Stapleton they can get. “I bet people are just taking them to put them in their yards,” says resident Sunny Fevold. “Everyone wants a little piece of Stapleton and not everyone can afford the price. So, they’re abducting our trees.” To help recover the trees, or at least put an end to their disappearance, the well-known activist Lorax, who speaks for the trees, has begun his own investigation. “We will figure out where these trees are going,” said the Lorax. “This community, and myself, will not stand for people taking the trees. We will get them back, and put an end to any further issues.” The Lorax has an idea of who may be be responsible. “Of course, the first place I always look is the Once-ler,” said the Lorax. “After that, obviously, I look to Aurora. No matter, we will get to the bottom of this.” The MCA is completely behind the Lorax and will provide him with any necessary support. “Our community is definitely tree-friendly,” says MCA President Liza Kampstra. If you have any info relating to the disappearance of Stapleton pocket park trees, please send to The Lorax in care of The Stapletonion at Stapletonion@gmail.com, subject line “trees.” ]]>

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