Fifteen Years Later, Stapleton Finally Prices Everyone Out

pricing everyone outIt took much longer than Forest City had planned, but Stapleton was finally able to price everyone out of the community. “We had a big celebration at the corporate offices,” said Forest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “This has been a long time coming, and it has been really neat seeing the entire thing unfold. Just a big, big accomplishment for us.” Ayers said there was a time Forest City was concerned they would never get to this point. “We definitely remember the dark days, when houses were being built and sold like hot cakes,” said Ayers. “A lot of people, including some in this building, thought we would never get to the point we are at today. It’s really an incredible story of perseverance.” Ayers said the point they knew they had priced everyone out was pretty surreal. “We caught wind of the story of a doctor and a lawyer with no kids who were looking to find a home in Stapleton. But, they were unable to find something in Stapleton they could afford. That’s when we knew we had done it. That’s when we knew we had officially created an ungated, gated community.” Forest City will continue to build new homes in their new neighborhoods, but they feel they have created an environment where only the super wealthy will be able to move in. “The only people who can move here now are the uber-wealthy, which is totally fine with us. We just want to make sure we aren’t getting commoners who make $250,000 a year or less. We’re actually hoping those types of people who live here now will sell and move to a more suitable neighborhood for their type.” Ayers says Forest City does not have complete control over the housing market, but they are doing things to manipulate the housing costs in Stapleton. “We don’t give away our trade secrets,” said Ayers. “But let’s just say the housing market in Stapleton will continue to increase for quite some time.” Stapleton homeowners have mixed feelings about the housing situation. “I guess I am happy I have a valuable home,” said owner Josh Miller. “But I don’t necessarily want to live in a community with a bunch of rich, snobby dicks.” Dave Peterson agrees. “I don’t love my increasing property tax,” said Peterson. “Sure, it is nice to have some equity in a home, but is it at the cost of having an even less socioeconomically diverse community? I’d prefer not.” Forest City plans to continue its celebration daily as home prices continue to skyrocket to unreasonable costs. ]]>

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