First “Scrapes” Begin in Classic Stapleton

scraping homesMany of the early Stapleton homes are over 15 years old, and for potential buyers, those homes have become outdated. “I guess it’s neat to own an old home, especially if you can say it was one of the first ever built in Stapleton,” says recent Stapleton home buyer Julie Gates. “But the reality is, these older homes don’t offer the modern conveniences some of us are looking for. Plus, at that age, things start to go bad, and we would probably have to begin replacing everything anyway.” Like many new Stapleton homeowners in the Classic Stapleton community, the Gates family purchased their Stapleton home for over half a million dollars, but they plan to tear that home down and rebuild one more of their liking. “It is a beautiful home,” said Steve Gates. “But, it just doesn’t have that new house smell. So, we are going to rebuild a more modern home, something more in touch with our liking.” At least a dozen other homes in Classic Stapleton have recently been purchased but are scheduled to be torn down in the next three months. “Some of these new buyers in Stapleton have a lot of money,” said real estate expert Mike Addison. “They really want to live in a particular area of Stapleton, but don’t necessarily want a home that old. So, they are buying the house at a premium, and will rebuild at a premium. But, they can afford it.” Many Classic Stapleton residents are against the recent scraping projects. “Is fifteen years really an old house?” asks Stew Kozlowski. “We are too far away from getting ‘historical neighborhood’ status, and these people are already tearing down the original houses. Sure, most of the builders are gone, but that is what makes these original homes so special.” Classic Stapleton resident Mike Sword is annoyed by the new projects. “It’s really a slap in the face to current residents,” said Sword. “Almost like telling us we aren’t good enough. Not to mention, are these new homes going to fit in? Hopefully they don’t just build a bunch of modern looking places out of character in Classic Stapleton. If you want something like that, just move to North Central Park.” For those doing the scrapes, the timing couldn’t be better. “Home prices are going to continue to rise out here,” said ‘scraper’ Steve Mason. “This isn’t just a home, it’s an investment. We know by building something new we are securing our future even when we leave. I’m not saying that people who live in these 15 year old Classic Stapleton homes are common white trash, but I’m sure someone has said it.” It is unclear how many Classic Stapleton homes will end up being scraped, but what is clear is that it is a trend that will continue to spread through Stapleton neighborhoods as they mature. ]]>

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