Forest City Introduces Mixed-Use Apartment Building; Seriously Going to be Named The Mint Town Center

mint town centerRecently, Forest City unveiled plans for its newest creation, a mixed use apartment building north of Founders Green in the 29th Ave. Town Center. “We are excited to announce another great opportunity for us to make massive amounts of money on high lease prices,” announced Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “This will be a paradise for those able to afford it, as it will have a spa, courtyard, swimming pool, business center, along with other great amenities.” Forest City said coming up with the amenities was easy, the hard part was naming this sure to be beautiful structure. “The great amenities we are offering are pretty standard in high-end living,” said Ayers. “But, coming up with a name that encapsulates that? Well, that was pretty hard.” Forest City had several brainstorming sessions, but in the end, decided on The Mint Town Center. “It sounds so regal,” said Ayers. “Not to mention, when people hear ‘mint’, they either think of something in great condition, or they think of a place that produces money. Both definitions worked for what we were looking for.” Many think Forest City was able to outdo themselves on their previous creation, the Astor Conservatory Green. “Really? They are naming an apartment building the Mint?” asked resident Rob Westerberg. “Not sure I would consider living in a place with such an arrogant name.” Lesley Fisher agrees. “With these new names of buildings, I feel like Forest City is becoming the new Trump,” said Fisher. “It seems they are continually trying to outdo themselves when it comes to making really dickish names for places.” Nonetheless, Forest City is excited about the name and the project. “When people tell us they think the name seems too classy, that affirms our decision,” said Ayers. “We want people feeling they can’t afford to live there, that way the only people who do live there are the ones that can. You know the old saying, ‘if you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it.’ Well, we kind of have that attitude here.” The 399 unit complex will have three bedroom, two bedroom, and studio or one bedroom units. Forest City says they plan to lease one bedroom units for $1500/month and two bedroom units at $2200/month. “Those are just prices we are throwing out there now,” said Ayers. “We speculate that once we complete the complex and see how great it is with the sign ‘Mint’ atop the building, well, those prices are going to rise very quickly.” Construction on the project is set to begin this fall. ]]>

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