Stanley Continues to Build Architectural Plans

stanley architectural plansThe Stanley project unveiled their most recent architectural plans last week, and project leaders say they plan to continue to build designs through the fall of 2017. “We continue to improve upon our layouts and designs,” said Stanley project leader Mitchell Roberts. “We hope to have the final build of the plans completed by October 2017. After that, we will begin construction at the facility.” The latest design features open market space, beer gardens, event space, retail space, including several great retailers. “Our latest designs are really great,” said Roberts. “Almost to the point where we think we could start building it tomorrow. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and why not continue to improve on these great designs we have going. Each day we start over, and build new architectural plans.” Many Stapleton residents wish Stanley would simply begin renovating and building the facility. “This is such an exciting project for the community,” said resident Scott Weber. “Every iteration of the designs I have seen have been great. Why not just start building? Is anything going on over there? It looks the same as it always has. I still love the project, I just wish they would get to the construction phase already. Cindy Gill shares that perspective. “I really thought there would be some landscaping and internal construction going on at this point,” said Gill. “Can’t they at least start the landscaping? I haven’t seen one construction truck over there and I live across the street. Every day I look over there and hope to see 10 construction trucks signifying that the building phase has begun. But, it never happens.” Roberts says he hopes residents can be patient as the team works to the perfect plan. “We feel in two years, we will have built an amazing design,” said Roberts. “One this community can be proud of. And then, we will start the construction process. From our standpoint, that building has been there for several years, so what is the hurry? The truth is that it is probably just as exciting to see all these cool new plans we are coming up with. What will we come up with next?” Roberts says they plan to release the next set of plans in December. “It’s kind of our little Christmas present to the community. Brace yourselves, this next set of designs is going to be even more awesome.” ]]>

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