Stapleton Residents Look Forward to Renaming “Aurora Park”

renaming Aurora ParkThe long awaited park on 26th Ave. has finally completed its design phase, and the design looks fantastic. The park will feature several trails as well as green space and two baseball fields. According to many Stapleton residents, the only problem seems to be the name. “I think it may be a little too beautiful to be called Aurora Park,” said resident Dave Mollering. “People are going to be confused. If you tell people to meet you at Aurora Park, no one is going to show. So, we just need to get to work on renaming it with a more suitable name. Maybe Stapleton Park?” Susan Klunder agrees. “It looks like such a nice park,” said Klunder. “Let’s not ruin the entire park by naming it poorly.” SUN has already put a committee in charge of determining the appropriate steps to renaming the park. “I think a lot of the park is technically in Aurora,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “So, I’m not sure how naming jurisdiction works. It’s possible part of the agreement in creating the park was that it would be called Aurora Park. Either way, we have a committee looking into it.” Special committee member Matt Morningstar doesn’t totally understand the situation. “So, from my understanding, the park is being created with funds from the extra mill levy Stapleton residents pay, and the MCA is going to be maintaining it. So, how does that qualify as an Aurora park?” The SUN committee will work with the MCA, Forest City, and the City of Aurora to see what, if anything, can be done with the name. “Hopefully, we can resolve this issue,” said Morningstar. “I’m sure the people of Aurora also want an appropriate name for the park and will agree that ‘Aurora’ is just kind of an ugly name for a pretty park.” In lieu of these discussions, SUN would like suggestions from Stapleton residents. Some of the unofficial suggestions they have received so far include:

  • Long-Awaited Park
  • Make Out Park
  • 26th Ave. Park
  • Dead (Prairie) Dog Park
  • Fields of Dreams
  • Stapleton Park
Please email suggestions to The Stapletonion at, and we will publish them in our next issue, as well as pass them along to the SUN committee. ]]>

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