Eastbridge Residents Wonder if One Ice Cream Kiosk is Enough

ice cream kioskIn the most recent update on the Eastbridge Town Center, many of the retail shops were revealed. These included a Pilates studio, a coffee shop, home and garden retail, a restaurant, and of course, Los Chingones and the Troy Guard breakfast restaurant. But the centerpiece to the Eastbridge layout was the most imperative; the ice cream kiosk. “We did our homework,” says Evergreen Development representative Dennis Westerberg. “And, the most important thing to residents in our focus groups was an ice cream kiosk. So, during the initial design phase, we made sure that was central piece.” Residents almost unanimously agree that ice cream is the most essential thing to a town center. “I know, ice cream is typically only appealing on a hot summer day, and when you are off on a weekend, or if you are hanging with the family on a hot summer night,” says Eastbridge resident Randy Hayne. “But, I am sure if it was there, we would be eating it the other eight months. I mean as long as it was a good enough ice cream shop for Stapleton.” Kristin Williams agrees. “This is so big,” said Williams. “Having to drive to the town center to Cold Stone, or Northfield, or eating ice cream that we purchased is just either too boring for us, or below us. Going to be so nice to have a place we can walk or ride our bikes to.” Kevin Seery sees another potential benefit. “Maybe there is a chance it will put that ice cream truck out of business,” said Seery. “I am so sick of paying $5 for an ice cream sandwich that costs $5 for a box of them. Plus, the noise is simply annoying.” The biggest issue residents are seeing with the ice cream shop is whether or not it will be enough. “With the importance of ice cream to this area, will one kiosk be enough,” asks resident Jennifer Boccia. “Maybe they should have two of them, possibly three. Have they looked into that?” Rick Murphy is concerned the kiosk will have the same waits as the ice cream kiosk in the highlands. “Have you seen that place up there?” asks Murphy. “It is ridiculous. We don’t want to have that kind of congestion, so maybe we should be safe and have two kiosks.” Evergreen project leader Westerberg says they are looking into potential ice cream traffic patterns and will do what is necessary. “We certainly understand the importance of ice cream,” says Westerberg. “We are conducting some more studies, and there certainly may be some opportunities for more ice cream kiosks.” Editor’s Note: Evergreen apparently did hold focus groups, and according to them, ice cream was the most requested item in these neighborhood focus groups (October ’15 Front Porch). If anyone has the tapes of these focus groups, The Stapletonion is willing to pay BIG money to watch a Stapleton focus group unravel so far they decide ice cream is the most essential thing to have in the town center. Did they hold it in mid-July in a room with no air conditioning? Did they show them pictures of ice cream prior to the focus groups? Did the moderator steer them that direction? Sure, I guess we all scream for ice cream, but I’m guessing not as loudly as people would have screamed for a liquor store, coffee shop, rooftop bar, etc.]]>

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