Kids in School, But Stapleton Mom Plans to Continue to be a Mom

stay at home momStapleton mom Angie Clark has been a stay at home mom for the last seven years. She has taken care of the kids day in and day out as well as being the household manager, including things such as getting groceries, doing laundry, keeping the house clean, and keeping the family schedule. Not to mention, she has stayed smoking hot. “I have really enjoyed being there for the kids, and we are lucky enough we can have one of us stay home to be there for them,” said Clark. “Truthfully, I really didn’t enjoy working my white collar job before we had kids, and taking care of my family has been significantly more rewarding than doing TPS reports.” Clark has often had to deal with the awkwardness of people asking what she does. “It has always been somewhat uncomfortable at gatherings when people ask what I do,” said Clark. “Although I am not uncomfortable, people always feel as if I am not satisfied with that so end up saying things like, ‘oh, that’s really great’ or ‘good for you.’ It has never bothered me, but for some reason, I feel like people think I feel bad that I stay at home, and therefore, have to try to make me feel better about it.” Clark has immensely enjoyed staying home with the kids, but admits there are always struggles. “It is a round the clock job,” says Clark. “You can’t call in sick, or ask other employees to help you out. Plus, we don’t have family in town. We have had some child care, nanny help, and pre-school in that time, but usually, that is just so I can go workout or run more errands. It’s gratifying, but can of course be very stressful.” After seven years of having a child home for most of the day, both of Clark’s children are now in school. “We have a second grader, and now a kindergartner at Westerly Creek,” said Clark. “They are doing great, and I couldn’t be happier.” With both kids in school, Clark is facing a new set of questions from peers. “Now, with both my kids in school, people assume I am itching to get back to work. Like, suddenly, now that the kids are in school, my duties as a mom are over.” Shockingly, Clark says there is still laundry, packing lunches, taking kids to school and activities, making sure they get their schoolwork done, as well as new obligations such as helping in the classroom and working with the PTA. “I don’t feel like I am any less busy,” said Clark. “Sure, the house is a little quieter, but there is just as much stuff to do, and even more things to stress about. Birthday parties, play dates, kids getting sick, etc.” Clark says she is currently not looking to get back into the white collar world. “Why would I do that?” asked Clark. “I have responsibilities I think are more important, and I have no interest in it. If I needed to go back, sure I would do it, but why in the world would anyone choose to do that if they didn’t have to? You’d really have to be sick.” ]]>

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