Stapleton Moms Excited for Fall Wardrobes

fall fashionFall is here, and most Stapleton moms couldn’t be more excited. “I’m so sick of my summer clothes,” said North Central Park mom Nikki Steiner. “This gives me a chance to revisit my fall clothes from last year, and more importantly, buy some new cute things.” Stacey Southall agrees. “New seasons bring new fashions and new colors,” said Southall. “Of course, I wear yoga pants a lot, but there are so many events to go to in the fall with fundraisers, and fall is a great time to go out with the girls.” The main 2015 fall fashion trends for women seem to be boots, skirts, thin scarves, comfortable shoes, and a little bit of bling. “Fall is the best season by far for fashion,” said local hot mom Amy McMillin. “The days are warm, and the nights are cool. There are so many places you can go, and so many options of things to wear. It starts getting darker earlier, and so the real party begins a little earlier. I love it.” Resident Holly Adkins feels fall has another benefit. “With the colder weather, you can show a lot less skin,” says Adkins. “I can gain 10 pounds, but wear my fall clothes, and I still look just as hot. By the end of the summer, I am so sick of working out.” Luckily for men, the fashion season doesn’t seem to affect them. “I just wear what is comfortable,” says Mark Trask. “I never feel the pressure to keep in shape. “I don’t really pay attention to fashion. I guess I am glad women do. That’s important for sure.” ]]>

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