Halloween Brings Local Goodwill First Stapleton Customer of 2015

stapleton-goodwillHalloween is here, which means Stapleton parents are preparing creative costumes for parties and to wear to walk their kids around trick-or-treating. “I still love Halloween,” says Stapleton mom Leah Druvenga. “We usually go to a neighborhood party, and it is always fun to try to outdo yourself from the year before. I have a great idea for this year, now I just need to make it happen. Let’s see if that bitch Kelly is more cute and creative than me this year.” Leah is one of several Stapleton residents who enjoy dressing up for Halloween and having drinks with friends and neighbors. “It is a good chance to let yourself go and show another side of yourself,” said Michelle Poolman. “Typically, the trampy side.” Putting together a creative costume can be a tireless effort. “You can’t just go to the Halloween store and pick out a costume,” says Druvenga. “You are often trying to find unique things, and looking for them online. But the truth is, you can sometimes find the right things to complete an outfit at Goodwill. So, a lot of times I will run in there to see if there are things that will finish off my outfit. Last week was no exception. And I did find some things that will be great for my costume. And man, shit is cheap in there.” Many Stapleton residents flock to Goodwill around Halloween, so more than likely, Druvenga was just the beginning.” “We definitely see an influx in ‘ironic’ Stapleton shoppers every Halloween season,” said Goodwill store manager Becca McMillin. “They usually come in smiling and laughing and putting different things up to themselves to see if it will work with their outfit. I assume they aren’t trying to be degrading to our regular customers, but I’m not sure.” McMillin said that every Halloween they see tens of Stapleton residents shopping there, but after the 31st, they usually won’t see one until the following October. “Sometimes we will get people in trying to create fun Holiday outfits,” said McMillin. “But, it’s a lot more around Halloween. Of course, we definitely appreciate all of the great items Stapletonians donate to us year round.”]]>

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