Stapleton Resident Deals Deadly Blow to Intruders

stopping intruderWith the topic of intruders in Stapleton a hot subject, I wanted to tell my story of protecting my family and how it did not end well for the two intruders in our Stapleton garage. I felt it was necessary to tell this story as I suspect it will help other Stapleton families who struggle with life in the city and these unwanted intruders. In the end one intruder left in a bag and the other with a severed leg and potentially paralyzed. My wife and I have been cleaning out the garage and have moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, and other stuff lying around. It was these boxes that would result in a hiding place for the intruders. We have taken all of the precautions such as automatic closing garage doors, motion lights, alarm system, etc. I have even setup several traps to alert us and stop this from happening. We purchased all of these “traps” from our local big box home store. Upon returning from dinner we parked out front rather than the garage. We have an alley attached garage. We walked in the front door and all seemed normal. We keep our shoes in the garage, so after coming in the front door we headed to the garage to put away our shoes.Upon opening the door from the house to the garage we heard a scurry. My wife screamed and saw the glimpse of fair skin intruder. Possibly two intruders.They moved very quickly.The intruder disappeared into the sea of wardrobe boxes. We ran back in the house, locked the door and did what anyone would do. We wondered if the police could help. Do we defend our own home? Do we let the intruder win and do as they please? This trespassing was not likely to end and it was quiet scary. As an avid hunter and martial artist I was determined to make this the last intrusion of my property for these two.If there is one thing that upsets me it is to not feel safe in my own home. I gathered some defensive protection and decided to take this on myself. It was my right, my property, my duty to protect and defend. Was it my fault the garage was a mess? That I left wardrobe boxes out? I always keep my garage doors locked and secure. Do these intruders have a right to even survive? I thought about blasting them with Justin Beiber through the speaker system in the garage. I could spray them with a fire extinguisher and try to blind them. Or I could open the garage and hope they run out. What seemed to feel like hours was probably a minute. I knew what I had to do. Neutralize the subjects and defend my family and myself. I put on my protective wear, and prepared for a battle. Martial arts teaches us to be ready to strike only when the time is right. My wife, who was scared for her life, went to the neighbor’s house. I stayed in communication with her on a Bluetooth headset. I went in the garage, armed and ready. I could hear them in the box. Not just one but two of them. Rumbling in the box desperately seeking a way to safety. Tonight was not their night. To save the gory detail, I can only say I terminated one of the intruders and badly injured the other. Let this be a lesson to all field mice and rats, we will not tolerate these rodents in our garage or in our homes. Protect your home with mouse traps, and seal off areas where they can sneak in.These two mice won’t be returning to our home and hopefully neither will their friends.]]>

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