Stapleton Residents Move Trick or Treating to 10/23; Plan to Go to Mountains Weekend of 31st

trick or treating this weekendFed up with their yearly obligation to provide candy for the entire Denver metropolitan area, SUN held a meeting on 10/15 to decide whether or not Stapleton should have its own trick-or-treating day. “We have had so many issues with this in the past,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “We would get hundreds of complaints each year about the large number of outsiders coming in to pillage residents’ candy before our own Stapleton kids even have a chance to go see their friends and neighbors. So, we decided to hold a meeting to discuss the issue.” Stanley Marketplace was kind enough to lend its space for the meeting. “We had a dismal 100 people show up to discuss the potential name change,” said Victoria. “We knew this was a much bigger issue to residents, so that space would be adequately filled.” Victoria was right, as over 1200 residents filled Stanley and spilled out into the outdoor area. A speaker system was put in place for those in the outdoor seating area. Residents spoke up about why they felt strongly about this important issue. “Our kids shouldn’t have to share our candy and our sidewalks with kids from outside of this community,” barked resident Amy Leonard. “Of course we want diversity in the community, but that’s in the community. We don’t need outsiders for that.” Jonathan Drenner agreed. “I love seeing all of the smiling Stapleton kids on Halloween,” said Drenner. “But these kids from the outside, I’m not so sure I need to be seeing them and handing out my hard-earned candy to them.” Shannon Zarifis was one of the few dissenters of that opinion. “Sure there are the occasional older kids and adults abusing us,” said Zarifis. “But, for the most part, these are just kids. And shouldn’t we do what we can to make the Halloween experience as fun for as many kids as we can?” By the sound of the boos, it was clear most residents didn’t agree with her. In the end, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss a proposal to quietly move the Stapleton trick-or-treating day to this coming Friday (10/23). “It was almost unanimous,” said Victoria. “And we had a large enough number of residents attending; we thought the people who showed up were representative of the community as a whole.” Those who attended were ecstatic about the change. “This is going to be a much less stressful and costly Halloween,’ said resident Matt Geary. “In fact, we are going to use the money we are saving on candy to have a little trip to the mountains the following week.” The Bastemeyers have similar plans. “It’s great that we will be able to see all of our local friends’ kids this weekend,” said Kelly Bastemeyer. “And then, we can just turn off the lights to the house, lock the doors, and head to Vail the following weekend to relax at our place in the mountains. It’s going to be a great end to October.” It’s uncertain whether or not Halloween will continue to be celebrated in Stapleton on a different day than the rest of Denver, but this Friday, residents will be walking the kids around in a Stapleton-only atmosphere. And what could be better than that?]]>

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