Eastbridge to Construct Series of Watch Towers

F-15-parkLast Thursday, in the early morning hour, several police cars were patrolling and blockading the Eastbridge neighborhood in Stapleton after a suspected robbery. In fact, the Aurora PD canine unit was involved in yard to yard searches looking for suspects who fled on foot, and a police helicopter circled above in support of the search. This activity definitely makes Eastbridge residents a little uneasy. “It seems like we already have to deal with speeding cars, gun shots, and petty theft,” said concerned resident Mary Nuss. “What else can be done? As a community is there something else we can do, aside from what the magnets say, of course.” Resident Robert Kimball agrees. “I knew moving near Havana and MLK could be a dangerous move,” said Kimball. “I guess I figured it would be a little different. But, I figured wrong. Something has to be done.” Of course, Stapleton social media was immediately buzzing with information regarding the imminent danger to our residents. “I woke the family up, and had them go to the basement,” said Iola resident Steve Doyle. “I turned the lights off, locked all of the doors, and blockaded each of the upstairs doors with some furniture. If there is one place people on the run are going to hide out, it’s right next to a dozen police cars on patrol.” Early on, the only information that was known was that there was a chase, and now police were looking for the suspects. “We were scared,” said Tracey Shaffer. “What if one of the suspects tried to get into our house? We put some snacks on each of the doorsteps hoping this is all they may be looking for, so they would stop short of entering our premises.” Residents are demanding something be done about this almost never-ending crime wave in Stapleton. The DPD considered having nightly patrols of 12 or more police cars, along with a canine unit and a police helicopter, but this possible solution had several drawbacks. “To do that would have used up a considerable amount of our resources and funding,” said police chief Robert White. “It just wouldn’t be sustainable, from a financial standpoint.” However, Chief White (not the Chief White, Editor of the Daily Planet) says he has worked with Forest City, the MCA, and SUN, and they have worked something out which will definitely help with the crime issues. “The decision was made to construct several watch towers, starting in the Eastbridge area, in an effort to keep a constant vantage point over crime hot spots,” said White. “We will be using our men to man the towers from 5PM through 4AM daily, at a partial expense to the DPD, but the Stapleton MCA will be absorbing most of that cost.” The towers should be completed in less than a month, and Forest City has agreed to cover the costs of the towers. “If this is successful, we plan to build the towers in other Stapleton danger zones,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “We are hoping this is more than a band aid, but really deters crime.” Eastridge residents are not overly excited about the plan. “Sure, I want less crime,” said Fred Morningstar. “But making the community look like Guantanamo is not exactly the solution I was looking for.” Meghan Biddler agrees. “If you are going to do this, why not just gate the community?” asks Biddler. “Putting towers and guards everywhere is also going to create paranoia. It’s very 1984ish.” There will be eight towers in all in Eastbridge, mostly residing at pocket parks. Five of the locations are final, with three locations yet to be determined. The towers will all have some sort of odd art piece on them as well to make sure they are keeping up with “Stapleton Standards™”]]>

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