School Conference Confirms to Parent ‘They’re Doing a Great Job’

parent-teacher conferenceMany school conferences were held in the last few weeks, and for Amy Morris, the timing couldn’t have been better. “I’ve been feeling a little down lately,” said Morris. “Maybe it’s the less sunshine. But I always feel better at conference time.” For Morris, and many other parents, conferences are a time for them to hear that they are doing a great job parenting. “I have two kids in school,” said Morris. “So, when I go to their conferences, sure I want to know how they are reading, doing with their math, playing with others, etc. But, what I am really looking for are those five magic words. ‘You’re doing a great job.’” Morris says she is not above fishing for the compliments either. “If we are 15 minutes in and the teacher still hasn’t said anything, I will figure out a way to get it out of them,” said Morris. “I’ll say things like, ‘here’s what we do at home,’ or ‘we try to make sure we do this every night.’ Those are the kinds of things that force teachers to acknowledge the work I am doing. Hopefully, they understand I am going above and beyond other parents, and therefore am doing a great job.” Morris says she wishes they would have conferences more often. “My kids are doing so well, which of course, means I am doing well, so yeah, I would like to hear it more often.” Morris reminds parents that although it is nice to know where your kids are at regarding their education, the most important thing is that parents be acknowledged for their greatness. “Every conference I make sure I set the tone. Tell me about my kids, but let’s do our best to keep the focus on me for the majority of our discussion.”]]>

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