Stapleton Dad Finally Tells Kids Who He Loves Most

Dad tells kids who he loves moreStapleton father of two Tom Skaggs recently sat down with his five year old daughter and three year old son to have what he felt was an important conversation. “I always feel like they aren’t sure who I love more,” said Skaggs. “And, I think, that has to be an awful feeling. I mean, what if they were to go their entire lives without ever knowing who I truly cared for more? Worse yet, what if I were to pass away and they never found out? Sure, I could leave it in a note, or my wife could tell them, but this is really something you want to hear firsthand.” Skaggs said that although he struggled as to when to tell him, he has never struggled with who he loves more. “I’ve always loved my daughter more,” said Skaggs. “She was my first born, she is pretty, a better eater, potty-trained faster, and so on. Just a lot of things go into it I guess. Sometimes it’s hard to define love.” Skaggs went on to say that who he loves more is not set in stone, and is a work in progress. “This is just where it stands now,” explains Skaggs. “Certainly, things could change through their teenage years, then college years, and so on. I tried to explain that to them, but after the initial comments, they kind of stopped listening. We will continue to evaluate them, as it is a fluid situation.” Skaggs wife Nancy was not a big fan of the discussion. “I mean, it really upset Thomas,” said Nancy. “He loves his dad, and to hear his dad tell him he loves Bella more, was pretty upsetting to him. I don’t know if he understands that he still loves him, just not as much as his sister.” Nancy says the conversation was unnecessary and something she would never be a part of. “There was really nothing gained out of it,” said Nancy. “Of course it made Thomas sad, and possibly resentful of his sister, so nothing positive resulted from it. I love both of my kids equally as much.” Skaggs disagrees with wife Nancy when it comes to the productiveness of the conversation. “I think this will make Thomas fight for my love,” said Skaggs. “And, maybe it will make Bella continue her drive to be the best, the best person I love in the house. Plus, very few things are exactly equal. I mean, even trying to find things exactly equal in measure of weight would be difficult. And they really aren’t that far off. I tried to explain that to them, but again, at this point, it may be a little over their heads.” Skaggs says he doesn’t have a plan for the next time he will make an announcement. “For sure it will be a year or more,” said Skaggs. “I don’t want to make rash decisions, plus I think it was such a big deal for them, like the Olympics, and you don’t hold the Olympics once a month.” ]]>

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