Stapleton Kids Make LinkedIn Connections to Guarantee Future

kids on linkedinStapleton kids have always been entrepreneurial and very driven. After all, they are Stapleton kids. In fact, many Stapleton kids have been making an extra effort to ensure they have the appropriate connections as they enter the real world. “I know I still have junior high, high school, and college ahead of me,” said Stapleton third grader Ella Eichorn. “But, I think It’s good to stay ahead on things and make sure I put myself in a position to succeed. At least that’s what my parents are telling me. So, yes, I make connections on LinkedIn.” Stapleton seventh grader Max Hartland is also trying to take advantage of the great connections he can get in Stapleton. “A lot of kids are on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram,” says Hartland. “But a lot of the kids who are going to have an edge in life have focused their efforts on LinkedIn. I mean, most of those other sites are just for cyber bullying, and are pretty lame, I would rather spend time learning about how other kids are doing in school, and what schools and jobs they are looking into. When you are looking into getting a job, and sometimes college, it’s really who you know.” Hartland and Eichorn are not alone, as estimates show that roughly 20% of Stapleton kids between fourth and eighth grade are on LinkedIn. Stapleton parents are supportive of their kids social presence on LinkedIn. “I think it shows real initiative,” said parent Kristin Baltus. “These Stapleton kids are showing they are concerned about their future beyond just who is wearing cool shoes today, or who is popular. They want to be a success when it matters.” Parents also appreciate the lack of likelihood of predators on LinkedIn. “I guess you really don’t hear much about kids getting stalked on LinkedIn,” said parent Eric Ditchman. “Not to mention, you can always see who has viewed their profiles, and any contact you have had. Of course, that’s why I don’t do my stalking on LinkedIn, I do mine on Facebook. Nonetheless, I feel safe with my kids using LinkedIn, much more than these other social media sites.” LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner says they will not change anything on the site to cater to a young audience. “Our core competency is for adults looking for connections to gain employment,” said Weiner. “We know we will get some younger people using our site, but we will continue to focus on our older audience.” If Stapleton kids continue to make connections, it’s possible one of them may someday be running LinkedIn.]]>

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