Annoying Hill Blocks North Eastbridge Residents’ View of Jail

view of jail goneEvery Stapleton neighborhood has its list of grievances. Eastbridge may have more than most, but other neighborhoods also have their share of concerns. Eastbridge appears to finally be getting its act together, but recently residents of the Stapleton neighborhood have found something else Forest City needs to address. “What in the hell are they doing building a hill right in front of my house,” asked North Eastbridge resident Kristi Klunder. “I think it’s supposed to be a trail or something, which is fine, but, why the hill? It almost completely blocks sight of the jail.” Klunder is referring to the continued development of the Sand Creek Trail, which mostly affects the view of residents living on Florence Way. “When we bought here, we expected we would always have a clear view of the jail,” said resident Tim Buchan. “This is unacceptable. I’m all for more trails, but not at the cost of our view. We bought here for a reason.” Many residents are worried about property values as well. “We paid a premium for this lot,” said Peter Rudee. “Now, along with the hill, I hear they may be planting trees. At some point, it might seem as if no jail exists at all. It’s really upsetting. All for more bike and running paths?” Rudee and several neighbors have already started a Facebook page in an effort to slow down the development of the trail and potentially re-evaluate current plans. “I know we didn’t pay attention when they originally released them,” said Rudee. “But, now that we see what is going on, I think a drastic change needs to be made.” Signs already adorn several yards on Florence way saying, “No Trail if it Blocks the Jail.” The jail will always be there, but it’s little consolation to Florence Way residents if they can’t see it.]]>

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