Forest City Releases Cutting Edge Affordable Housing Plan

stapleton affordable housingForest City recently released their latest plan to develop affordable housing in Stapleton. The revolutionary plan provides shipping containers which will be modified to be new age apartments. “This is starting to be done all over the world,” said Forest City President Phil Dargossi. “We can make these affordable and sustainable. Plus they are unique, which ultimately is something we love in Stapleton.” The shipping container concept won’t be completely unique. “It is being tested in other places,” said Dargossi. “And I’ll assume quite successfully.” These new and unique affordable homes will be located in one of the new, yet to be named neighborhoods north of 56th Ave. “We haven’t decided exactly where and when the project will be started,” said Dargossi. “However, I do hope that our latest promise will quiet our cynics up. I mean, we eventually are getting to the Eastbridge Town Center, right? So, we always come through. Or sometimes. Sometimes we come through.” Residents are not quite sure what to think of the new concept. “Really? Shipping containers?” asked resident Jim Stevens. “Not sure who is going to want to say they live in the converted shipping containers over on the north side.” Erin Penningroth agrees. “I don’t know if anything says low income housing like a shipping container,” said Penningroth. “This seems like something that should be done in third world countries, not Stapleton.” Dargossi admits it is something that is being tried in third world countries, but feels it is still a fit for Stapleton. “Maybe it is not exactly green book, blue book, or whatever,” said Dargossi. “But, the truth is, we can fit a lot of these things in a small area, which will really help us catch up on our original affordable housing promises.” For those of you looking for affordable housing in Stapleton, looks like your ship’s finally coming in.]]>

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